Starting a Blog

This Article Covers

1. What is a Blog?
2. The Benefits of Blogging
3. Adding a Blog Page to Your Website
4. Content Marketing Plan
5. Publishing and Sharing your Content

1. What is a Blog?

Blog is an abbreviation of the word weblog, which means to discuss and inform via a website. Blogging basically means to share information on a website. Often, a blog will also enable discussion, allowing readers to comment or ask questions.

A Blog could be the publishing of a weekly article containing information relevant to your customers or simply sharing news about your business.

2. The Benefits of Blogging

As well as helping your website SEO, blogging has a number of obvious benefits, including:

  • – Establishing Yourself as Expert
  • – Engaging Potential Customers
  • – Answering Common Questions Once Only
  • – Building Trust

If you are wondering whether you should start a blog, the answer is “it depends”…Some of the factors to consider are:

  • Do I have information that people will want to read?
  • Do I have time to write articles? Could I employ someone to write?
  • Will it benefit my business to engage with readers?

3. Adding a Blog Page to Your Website

If you would like to start blogging but don’t yet have a blog or news page on your website, this is a fairly simple enhancement to make. Please get in touch with me to discuss this.

Once set up, you will then be able to create and publish articles yourself, which will automatically appear on the new blog page.

4. Content Marketing Plan

While you jump straight into publishing articles, as with most things, planning is important. I recommend creating a Content Marketing Plan, to detail what articles you intend to publish, when and where. As part of this, you will likely want to perform some keyword research, so that get the most SEO value out of your articles. If this is too technical for you, it is something I can help with.

4. Publishing and Sharing Content

Once you’ve got fresh, interesting content to share, you will want to publish it on your website and probably on social media channels too. WordPress makes it very easy for you to publish articles and there are various tools that will help with your social media scheduling too. I recommend Social Pilot, as it is simple to use and offers good value for money.

Social Media Scheduling

Are looking for a tool that will help you plan and schedule your social media sharing across multiple accounts?

I recommend Social Pilot to schedule the sharing of your content to multiple social media accounts. It can also help you source interesting content to share with your audience.

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