What is Blogging?

Blog is an abbreviation of the word weblog, which means to discuss and inform via a website. Blogging basically means to share information on a website. Often, a blog will also enable discussion, allowing readers to comment or ask questions.

A Blog could be the publishing of a weekly article containing information relevant to your customers or simply sharing news about your business.

Should I Start a Blog?

The answer is, it depends…some of the factors to consider are:

  • Do I have information that people will want to read?
  • Do I have time to write articles? Could I employ someone to write?
  • Will it benefit my business to engage with readers?

The Benefits of Blogging

  • Establish Yourself as Expert
  • Engage Potential Customers
  • Answer Common Questions Once Only
  • Build Trust
  • Google Loves New Content

If you would like to start blogging, I can create a Blog for your website. I use a system which will allow you to login and have access to create and publish articles yourself. You won’t need support from me to do this (perhaps just a little initial training so that you are comfortable using the system).