How to Install Google 2 Factor Authentication on your Website

So, you’ve heard about website hackers and you might be thinking that website security is for the well-known brand websites to worry about.  After all, if you’re not selling stuff online and your website doesn’t collect personal information, why would someone want to hack into it?  Well, sadly, they would and they do try.  In fact, there are most likely attempts to access your website on a daily basis.  Why?  Well, they are after the computing power of the webserver your site runs on, they want to send out billions of spam emails from your server and they might want to place some malicious code on your website which serves viruses up to your visitors.  So, in short, every website owner needs to worry about security.

Google Authenticator

In this article, I’m going to talk you through how to set up Google Authenticator on your smartphone. Google Authenticator is one of the easiest ways to add another layer of protection to your website. Once installed, as well as entering your username and password to log into your website, you will be asked for your Google Authenticator code, which is a 6-digit pin delivered in an App on your smartphone. So, even if someone were to get hold of your WordPress password, they would need to be holding your phone as well, in order to log in.


It is possible that you will lock yourself out of your website if you don’t follow these steps correctly. Therefore, it is advisable that you have appropriate technical support at the ready. For customers of mine, just schedule a time with me.

Authenticator can be switched off at the hosting level if you run into issues, provided you have access to your hosting files.

1 – Install the App

Follow the steps in this article to install the App on your phone: Install Google Authenticator.

google authenticator app
google authenticator app

2 – Logon into your website

Log on with your username and password only (leave the field for Google Authentication code blank for now, if you see it). Visit your user profile and scroll down to find the Google Authenticator Section.

Then, using the App on your phone, click the “Add” icon and either scan the barcode or key in the secret key.

3 – A Client of Mine? Let me Know

I will also need to add your website to my app, so that I can still access the admin area easily. Please let me know when you have completed the set-up, so that I don’t get locked out unexpectedly.

google authenticator app