Screenshot of the kevinlieber.com website on a Mac


This website is for a US-based professional services company. They wanted a website that looked clean and modern, showcasing their services.  The design and development was completed over a period of a couple of months, with regular Skype meetings to communicate ideas, status and feedback.

We opted for a full video background header as a feature for the main page, with the remainder of the design centered around the services descriptions.


Client Case HCS
Date June 2018
View www.case-hcs.com
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This website has a lot of content to display, particularly in relation to the descriptions of services provided.  In order to condense the text on the screen and make the site more user-friendly and easy to navigate, a variety of design ideas were used to maximise the amount of text displayed in a small space.  This includes expanding accordions (where readers can click on a + button to read more detail) and “show more” links to display only an excerpt of text before the remainder is revealed.


Number counters are a good way to display key statistics on a website.  Here, we have used them to show key achievements on the main page and the numbers start counting up from zero when the user starts to view the screen.

Image hover effects are another way to create a simple, clean design with some interaction.  We used hover effects on the client logos for example, so that the client name is displayed when the image is hovered over.


Choosing the right photos and images for your brand is key to the design. In this case, the client selected a variety of premium stock images and video, which suit their market and their own brand and values.



Victoria did an excellent job with our site, and was all around a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone. Due to competing priorities on my end, the project stretched on longer than we initially discussed, but Victoria was very understanding and patient, seeing the project through to the end with us.

Sal O'Donnell

Partner, Case HCS